Amanda’s 19th Birthday Bash: Quarantine Edition

At the beginning of the month, I celebrated my 19th birthday with my friends and family! Although I could not celebrate with my whole extended family as per usual, it was still a birthday to remember! I spent my day doing the things I love: baking and spending time with loved ones.

The Birthday fit:

On my birthday, I had a few of my friends over to celebrate at a distance. I decided to wear a Lilly Pulitzer X Target jumpsuit from their collab last year. They do not sell these in stores anymore, but you can find it on Poshmark! The fabric was very breathable so wearing it on a hot summer’s day was no problem. The cut of this jumpsuit is very flattering, and for me, it was a perfect length with my Steve Madden platform sandals. I finished off my look with a Lilly Pulitzer scrunchie bow. I wore the “Featured in Totally Blossom” pattern. My birthday outfit was very fun, summery, and simple which is why I loved it so much!

The Dessert:

I started my birthday as I always do, baking my birthday cake! This year, I made a two-tiered cake: a two layer, 8-inch funfetti cake and a two-layer, 6-inch chocolate oreo cake. I am still trying to perfect those recipes, but I can’t wait to share them with you once they are absolutely perfect!

I then decorated it with a simple, light purple buttercream frosting, white shell borders, and white double drop lines. I also topped the cake with sugar cookies that I cut out to say 19 rather than using fondant. I found that sugar cookies are less delicate and easier to work with. I used the extra cookie dough to make small hearts and stars covered in sanding sugar for a little side dessert. They were delicious and went perfectly with the cake!

Sadly, I did not take a single picture of just my cake display! Totally unheard of! We’ll try again next year!

Birthday Haul:

Athleta Set:

Since I do yoga every day, sometimes twice a day, I have been running out of yoga clothes to wear. This cute and comfy set from Athleta is perfect. The leggings are their Elation Snow Dye 7/8 Tight in Rosario Pink. They are ultra-high rise, so it is super flattering and holds everything in. This fabric is perfect for hot yoga because it is stretchy enough to dive deep into yoga poses with ease while also being very breathable and sweat-wicking to keep you cool in the hot studio. The sports bra is their Exhale Printed Bra A-C in Rosario Pink Snowdye. This fabric is the same as the leggings: very stretchy and beathable. The bra also comes with removable pads for extra support, if desired. These leggings and bra are not only perfect for yoga, but they are also comfortable for everyday wear!

Lululemon Light Purple Running Shorts:

The next piece of clothing I got are these Lululemon Hottie Hot Shorts II in Serene Blue. Although I have to admit that I really don’t like running, I have been in search of short and airy athletic shorts. These shorts are exactly what I was looking for. They are extremely comfy to just lounge around in and are perfect for working out. They are very lightweight and breathable with a pocket and zipper pocket to put small things like house keys in.

Lululemon Running fit:

The last outfit set I got was also from Lululemon. I have recently been obsessed with long sports bras that I could wear as a top when I am working out, but good ones are so hard to find. This is Lululemon’s Energy Bra Long Line Medium Support sports bra, and this is the perfect long sports bra because it is super cute and comfy with a trendy, strappy back. The sizing does run small, so if you are looking for a looser, comfier fit, I would size up. I also got these speed up short 2.5″ in black. They are very versatile and very cute too. They are so comfy, yet so breathable, it’s perfect for running, hiking, and just lounging around the house.

Thank you for joining me this year to celebrate my birthday!


Hey it’s nice to meet you!

My name is Amanda, and I am so happy you decided to join me! I am a nineteen-year old, self-taught baker. Baking has always been something that I love to do; therefore, I have been using my time in quarantine to bake a lot. Quarantine 15, here I come! Over the past few years, as my baking skills have been improving, the idea of starting a baking blog to share my recipes has become all-consuming. I want to share my baking with as many people as I can. I started off small with a new instagram page to post pictures of what I was baking, but now, I’m wanting more. With the encouragement of my friends and family, here I am, starting a baking blog! I can’t wait to start posting all of my favorite recipes; anything from old family recipes to recipes that I have perfected throughout the years. Comment down below what recipes you would want to see from me!

My baking journey started when I was super little, and I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. My love for baking started in a little plastic kitchen in my basement called, “The Amanda’s Café”. Once I mastered and outgrew that kitchen, I decided to go on to the big leagues, the real kitchen! I started off “helping” my mom bake for family parties and things, but as I got better, I have taken over her role as the family baker. My family members are my biggest supporters, and they will do anything to help me succeed, especially in baking. After all, they have been eating my desserts from plastic cupcakes with frosting velcroed on to gourmet treats.

I honestly credit most everything I know about baking to YouTube and the show, Cake Boss on TLC. The more I watched YouTube baking videos and the Cake Boss bake, the more I learned and wanted to be a better baker. The first YouTubers that I watched were Tami from yoyomax12 and Rosanna Pansino from Nerdy Nummies. I would watch all of these baking videos, but I would never end up making most it. I just learned from watching and listening to the tips and tricks they had in their videos. I was also a religious Cake Boss watcher for a while until I started working at my local Carlo’s Bakery, but watching them decorate these huge cakes did and still do inspire a lot of my cake designs today.

I also spent a week at a teens pastry camp at the International Culinary Center in Soho, NY. This was the most fun week I have ever experienced because they taught me so much about the basics and more of baking. I learned so much about baking techniques, basic recipes, and kitchen etiquette. I can’t wait to share the recipes I got from my time there!

When I am not baking, I love to workout and shop (online only, please). As for working out, I have been doing gymnastics since I was three, and I am still doing it at school. So, I have always loved to stay active, and I have recently found a love for hot yoga. I was introduced to yoga last summer at Brassy Buddha, and I haven’t been able to get enough! I also love to shop, but for the most part, I only have the patience to shop online. Since I do like to workout, I am often times in athleisure, but also athleisure is just more comfortable than regular clothes. My favorite place to get workout clothes are Athleta and Lululemon. However, at school, I generally like to go to class in nice casual clothing from brands like Madewell, Lilly Pulitzer, and Urban Outfitters. I am excited to share more about my daily life with you after baking hours!

What you will find on my blog:

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